Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sugar Scrubs continued...

As you may already know there are several variations and recipes resulting in luxurious, delicious flavorful sugar scrubs.  Here is a quick round up of a few more.   If you have your own sugar scrub recipe and would like to share a link for that, please do so in the comments selection and I will list them in the next sugar scrub update.  Thanks.

1. Mint sugar scrub from lovegrowswild here.

Homemade brown sugar scrub stored in recycled baby food jars on blogs.babycenter.com
Homemade brown sugar scrub, photo by babycenter.blog (click photo for link)
2. Brown Sugar scrub here.
3. Sugar cookie scrub.
4. DIY Peppermint sugar scrub from Beth.

Photo from little house on the corner, Amanda has more on her coconut scrub, these are cute!  Click on photo or link below for her coconut scrub or other great treasures on her blog.
5. Coconut sugar scrub
6. Lip scrub
7. Pumpkin sugar scrub
8. MommyMusings has some wonderful gingerbread sugar scrub, smells delicious.
9. A lavender foot scrub here.
10. With maple syrup season here, we may give this recipe a try.  Color My Bliss has a maple syrup sugar scrub, lemon, and brown sugar scrub recipe.

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